What is the price for having my portraits taken?

Instead of taking pictures, we put passion into creating one's portraits. This means there are hardly any packages and price lists to be found here. The approach is very much project based which triggers a lot of customization, cost included.

Still, what are your prices?

The majority of our clients go for the following, in the range of 100 euro:
2 hours photo session in our studio (producing ~150 raw pictures);
2-3 outfits to be used (clothing and accessories also available at the studio, free of charge);
Option to decide what pictures to post process in a fine art painterly fashion;
4 edited pictures delivered in digital format at various sizes.

Can I purchase any of your work?

Works resulting from our own projects are available to both art collectors and folks simply appreciating our work and willing to support our endeavor. There are multiple ways to do this, we are open and flexible to your needs.

Can I join any of your own projects?

We are constantly developing and deploying new creative projects. Part of this is getting in touch and working with new models, both professional and non-professional ones. We are always looking forward to welcoming enthusiastic, art loving people that enjoy posing and spending quality time in front of the camera. We usually do TFCD (nobody gets paid).

Do I have to order prints through you?

No you do not. We deliver the edited pictures in a digital format. However we can support you if you want to go for prints - which is the best way anyways.

Do I get the raw photos from the photo session?

No you do not. You receive the edited pictures only. Reason is the post processing of the selected pictures is a key contributor to the end result namely the pictures under our name. Raw files are not being delivered to the clients.

What kind of gear do you use?

Full frame Nikon bodies and prime lenses plus multiple studio lights and light modifiers. The studio also hosts a broad collection of fabrics, dresses and accessories to allow flexibility and creativity.

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